Our Mission

Rapid Permit Service, Inc. is a group of professional permit expediters serving the construction industry in Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington DC. Through over 40 years of working closely with clients, review agencies, and business associates, we have built a strong reputation as reliable, efficient, skilled consultants.

Our goal is to provide our clients with superior guidance on the permit review process. We believe this is accomplished through prompt attention to customer inquiries, diligent follow-up with review staff, and thorough communication of project status at all times. This commitment to quality service earns the trust of our valued repeat clients and regularly leads to new referrals.

We believe our competitive advantage is found in our unrivaled experience, established relationships, constant presence in local permit offices, and commitment to integrity and professionalism. We take pride in our work; our staff is conscientious and a persistent advocate for our clients. At the same time we strive to be an asset to County reviewers and administrative staff through our emphasis on accurate information and knowledge of frequently changing procedures.

Our employees are the driving force of Rapid Permit Service and vital to our success. We value each employee as an individual, recognize their merit, and support their obligation to family responsibilities. We are committed to their professional development and believe working together as a team best utilizes individual strengths. We feel this team approach is in the best interest of both our employees and our clients.

We support the community through financial contributions to charitable organizations and consideration of environmental sustainability. In addition, the nature of our business consistently reveals that each permit issued benefits many individuals and organizations, lending a significant contribution to job creation and economic stimulus. In this, we take pride.