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Montgomery County's New "E-Copy" Policy



e-Copy Submission Policy and Procedure for Commercial Non-FastTrack Permits


The Department of Permitting Services (DPS) needs to improve the productivity and cost effectiveness of scanning approved construction documents (plans and supporting data).

Faster storage helps with document retrieval through the Request for Information process and by DPS staff during construction
Savings on costs associated with scanning
Prepare DPS for accepting applications electronically
Easy retrieval of documents in a disaster recovery situation
Accurate and complete reproduction of construction documents in the document management system

e-Copy - The electronic reproduction of the DPS approved construction documents for commercial non-fast track building permits.
Design Professional of Record – the design professional as preparer of the construction documents.
BCPT – Building Construction Permit Technician
Applicants or authorized agents will submit the e-Copy before issuance of the permit. The e-Copy will be on CD or DVD disks. Applicants or authorized agents picking up or delivering the e-Copy submission will provide an affidavit stating that the e-Copy is the same as the hard copy of the DPS approved construction documents.

1. Building Construction Division staff notifies the applicant of the final review approvals associated with the permit application (architectural, life safety, structural, mechanical, electrical) and places the original DPS-approved construction documents at the Information Counter for pickup by the applicant or their authorized agent.

2. In order to pick up the original DPS-approved documents to make the e-Copy, the applicant or authorized agent must submit an Affidavit for e-Copy Pick-up, see pages 3 and 4.

3. To preserve the integrity of the construction documents, the e-Copy is submitted on CDs or DVDs disks only. (No electronic transfer by email, thumb drive, external disk, FTP, etc. is acceptable). The file format is as follows:
• PDF only.
One file should be provided by the applicant for all pages in the plan (technical) drawing set
• One file should be provided by the applicant for all pages in specifications, if any
• Scan must be 300dpi.
• CD/DVD must be labeled with:
i. Permit Type:
ii. Permit Number:
iii. Contact Name:
iv. Submitted to DPS on (date):
• The filename of the electronic plan document must be PERMITTYPE_PERMITNUMBER
Example: COMBUILD_234567

4. The applicant or their authorized agent must bring back the e-Copy within 5 working days. Permits will not be issued until the e-Copy is received.

5. BCPTs will ensure the Affidavit for e-Copy Return, see page 5, is supplied and BCPTs will check the labeling and directory of the disks. Furthermore, BCPT’s will check that each e-Copy contains all information required such as the design professional’s signature and seal as well as required approval blocks/stamps.

6. For the purposes of this procedure, each revision to the permit requiring a plan submittal will be processed as a new application.
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