Rapid Permits


Who is Rapid Permit Service, Inc. (RPS)?
Rapid Permit Service, Inc. (RPS) is a group of professional permit expediters serving developers, architects, engineers, builders, contractors and homeowners in the Washington/Metropolitan area. We take pride in the professional relationships we have developed with our clients, county reviewers and staff. When RPS handles your project you can be confident that an experienced, knowledgeable team of permit expediters is working to make sure your permit is processed as proficiently as possible.

RPS has been in business over 43 years. Founded in 1969, our service has enjoyed steady growth through recommendations by our clients as well as county officials based on our integrity, efficiency, and accuracy of information we provide. RPS continues to expand our services for our broad client base.
What does Rapid Permit Service do?
RPS will consult with clients on submittal preparation to avoid common mistakes that often lead to reviewers rejecting applications and/or plans. We provide clients with the many forms and requirements necessary to submit for their project.  Once RPS has filed the application and plans, we maintain regular contact with reviewers to ensure the permit process does not run into any undue obstacles. If corrections are necessary, RPS forwards the requirements on to the client as soon as we receive them. We stay in constant contact with reviewers and are always an advocate for our clients.

Because RPS is constantly tracking the status of the permit submittal, we will contact the client whenever significant developments take place in the review process. Depending on the type of project, the status may change daily or it may not change for several weeks. RPS closely monitors progress and if the process seems to be dragging, our expediters will not hesitate to “push” the job in an effort to move along the process. We strive to make certain that unnecessary delays do not interrupt permit approval and issuance.
What kinds of permits does RPS process?
Commercial - Commercial projects often present challenges that are not found in residential work. Whether it is obtaining approvals from additional review agencies or tracking multiple submittals for a complex project, RPS excels at handling all types of commercial permits. Examples include:

New Buildings
Tenant Alterations (Office, Retail, Bank, Medical, Restaurants, etc.)
Public Space/Right of Way
System Furniture
Environmental Drilling/Soil Borings
Tank Installations, Removals, Abandonments
Structural Repair
Code Modifications

Residential - RPS handles all types of residential permits from small decks and additions to entire subdivisions.  We work with individual homeowners as well as large, residential home builders. Below is a list of common residential permits our company can help you obtain.

New SFD (new house)
Apartment/Condominium Buidings
Interior Renovation
Retaining Wall
Swimming Pool
Fire/Flood Damage
Grading/Sediment Control
In what jurisdictions does RPS work?
RPS primarily works in the following jurisdictions:

• Washington D.C.

• Maryland: Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Frederick, Howard, Montgomery, Prince George’s

• Virginia: Arlington County, Fairfax County, City of Alexandria

RPS is not limited to these areas and will work in other jurisdictions to accommodate our clients. Please contact us about using our service in other areas.
How long does it take to get a permit issued?
Permit timeframes are dependent on the jurisdiction of the proposed work and type of permit requested. Each jurisdiction has its own distinct requirements resulting in varied review times. Some jurisdictions offer options for accelerated plan review while others do not. RPS will explain all possible approaches and make certain common pitfalls and unnecessary delays do not interrupt permit approval and issuance.
How much does this service cost?
RPS obtains permits for many different types of projects, from high-rise commercial buildings to residential renovations. Written proposals and hourly rates are submitted to potential clients once we review the scope of work requested.  Use our REQUEST PROPOSAL link to submit your project.  If you prefer to discuss your project with us, please call 301-731-4767; we will be happy to have one of our permit expediters speak with you.
Does RPS draft plans?
No. Our clients provide all plans necessary for review.
Will RPS pick up my plans?
New jobs are typically delivered to our office. Whenever possible, RPS may pick up plans for an additional fee.
How do the approved plans and permit get delivered?
RPS currently uses local express services for overnight deliveries in the Washington/Metropolitan area at no additional cost to our clients. Out of state deliveries are sent via FedEx or UPS at the client’s expense.
How does RPS keep record of projects?
RPS is committed to the continuous development of our database to provide comprehensive records of every permit we get issued. We currently scan copies of every permit and track all relevant information in our database (contact information, addresses, permit numbers, receipts, fee information, status reports, etc.). In 2007, we introduced a client login feature that provides 24/7 access to job records, including permits, receipts, invoices, etc. You can access the client login here. If you have not been set-up, please contact RPS for a username and password.
Where is RPS located?
Rapid Permit Service, Inc., is located at:
7711 Garrison Road, Suite 200
Landover Hills, Maryland 20784
How do I contact RPS?
General contact information:

Phone: 301-731-4767
Fax: 301-731-5948
Email: info@rapidpermits.com

Please go to CONTACT link for a list of individual email addresses.