Rapid Permit Service, Inc. began in 1969. Our founder and President, Stan Wilson, had left employment with the Library of Congress and returned to college. Stan worked part-time obtaining fence permits for his friend, Tom Hromada, then with Hechinger Builders. Stan eventually progressed to obtaining all building permits for Hechinger Builders and gained invaluable hands-on experience in the many jurisdictions of the Washington-Metropolitan area. This experience provided Stan with the foresight of the growing need to understand and comply with the complex requirements and standards in the building industry. With this concept in mind, and fueled by the building industry’s rapid growth, Stan expanded his client base to include some of the area’s largest builders, general contractors, architects and developers.

Today, Rapid Permit Service, Inc. employs a staff of dedicated and talented individuals, many of whom have been with our company for over twenty years. We continue to serve long-time clients and introduce a wide variety of new clients to our service. We believe the success of Rapid Permit Service, Inc. is based on our integrity and respect for our business associates. Our goal is to apply Stan’s core values of hard work and integrity to our daily operations and continue to meet the demanding needs of the construction community.